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At Seth David Films, we understand that your wedding is more than just an event – it's the beginning of a beautiful and unique chapter in your love story. We don't simply capture memories, we craft them into cinematic experiences that stand the test of time. 


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We believe that your wedding day is more than just an event – it's a unique love story waiting to be told. Our dedicated team of wedding videographers is committed to capturing the essence of your wedding day, focusing on the emotions, the details, and the unforgettable moments that make your celebration truly special. 


Mt Hood Organic Farms 08.21.22

Elsa and Montana's love story goes beyond their wedding day. It's a tale of building a life together, literally by constructing their own home, and figuratively by choosing each other. This video offers a glimpse into their journey, from making lunch in their self-built home to their emotional first look on their wedding day at Mount Hood Organic Farm.

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The Orchard 08.19.22

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Leira and Rolando's love story began with a chance encounter at a Super Bowl party, blossoming into a multicultural dream wedding. This adventurous couple's highlight film captures the magic of their special day at The Orchard in Hood River.


Their paths crossed on the court, but their connection went beyond the game. Despite facing challenges toagether, these college basketball players found a love that only grew stronger. Witness their unique journey unfold in this heartwarming story.

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Love Notes

"Our videos are some of our favorite investments of our wedding! I loved how he managed to capture the best highlights all in one central place, telling the story for us to reminisce by, and share with generations to come. One of the best parts was that when he was there recording, he felt like a friend, an extremely interactive guest, and added to our wedding energy and experience. In summary, I would highly recommend Seth for videography for anyone's wedding!"

 would highly recommend Seth for videography for anyone's wedding!

Emily V.

"Seth was the best surprise I never knew I needed! He helped make our day so special and fun! Seth was amazing to work with, upbeat, super friendly and funny. It instantly felt like you had known him for years!"

"Seth was amazing to work with"

breanna p.

"From initial phone conversations all the way through the delivery of the final product, Seth is a delight to work with! He is someone that you immediately feel at ease and comfortable around, plus he captures all of your special moments beautifully!"

"he captures all of your special moments beautifully!"

Meghan S.


A serendipitous meeting in a bookstore ignited a journey of love, adventure, and capturing timeless stories through film. From newlywed life in Oregon to teaching in Tibet and Mongolia, my life's tapestry is woven with experiences across three countries and the joy of raising a family of four. I'm captivated by the symphony of emotions, elegance, and love that unfold in life and at weddings. My passion lies in crafting films that capture not just the grand moments, but the quiet whispers of connection, creating a cherished legacy for you and your loved ones to revisit for years to come. 

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Connection & Understanding


Meticulous Planning


Capturing the authentic you

We begin with a personalized consultation, getting to know you as a couple and ensuring our filmmaking style resonates with your vision. Through open conversations, we delve into your love story, understanding the moments that define your journey and the emotions you want to capture.

We work closely with you to create a detailed timeline, ensuring we capture every crucial moment. Becoming part of the team: Our goal is to integrate seamlessly with your wedding team, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for everyone.

With a plan in place, we allow the day to unfold naturally, capturing candid moments and genuine emotions as they happen.  The beauty of storytelling: We skillfully weave together the captured moments to create a film that not just documents your wedding, but relives it with emotional depth and artistic flair. 

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This intimate package captures the raw essence of your wedding day, a candid documentary showcasing your unique love story in all its unfiltered glory. 

This meticulously crafted package is designed to capture the full spectrum of your wedding day, preserving every timeless moment for generations to cherish. 

This unparalleled package transcends mere capture; it orchestrates a cinematic symphony of your wedding day, immortalizing every precious detail with uncompromising artistry. 

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